Welcome to SPI Ropes

Sandip plastic industries manufactures high quality synthetic fiber ropes for use in Marine, Cargo, Fishing, Sports and Industrial environments. Materials used for Roper manufacture include Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (HDPE).

We have wealth of experience spanning over 30+ years in domestic (Indian) markets. The company has been a leader in producing high quality re-processed mono niwar for domestic (Indian) markets for a long time. The company was formed in 21st April 1979 and started with manufacturing of re-processed (or re-cycled) mono yarn for domestic (Indian) markets only.

On 24th January 2012, we started manufacture of PP ropes with the same high standards and quality commitment for international markets. Currently, our primary focus is in producing high tenacity, durable, long lasting and reliable ropes at a competitive price. We produce a variety of synthetic ropes complying custom and standard specifications. Specifications are recorded for each rope type and retained on file for use in filling repeat orders.

Yarns used during manufacture are tested continually to ensure that the tenacity, mass and extension are to precise standards and product specifications. Production is monitored throughout the rope manufacturing process to ensure the quality and consistency of the end product.